• I lost my Sticker/Registration Card, can I get a replacement through your site?

         Yes! Rocket Registration will be able to do your Renewals, Substitute Registration, and Substitute

         Stickers without you having to go to DMV

  • How long does it take for my order to be completed?

         If you submit your Registration before 3:45pm, it will be printed and shipped out that business day. If

         your transactions are submitted afterhours or on a weekend, it will print and ship the following business


  • What shipping methods do you offer?

          You can get order shipped via USPS, Early Priority or Overnight. Any Priority mail orders that are

           submitted after hours or on a weekend will be shipped out the next business day.

  • Can I send it to a different address besides the one on my Registration Card? Including Out of State?

          Yes, you can send it to the address of your choosing, even out of state. 

  • Is there a Service Fee?

         Yes, there is a Service Fee. You can find that in our fees tab on our fee page. 

  • Do I have to be the Registered Owner of the Vehicle to pay for a Renewal/Substitute Registration/Substitute Sticker?

          Yes, you can pay for someone else's registration if the Registration Owner's information

          matches the registration card and we send it to the registered owner on file.

  • Can I get my Registration Card sent to me virtually as well?

          Yes, we will email you a receipt of your transaction and a copy of your registration card. The name and

           address will be sanitized to protect your identity.

  • How do I log back into my account?

          You can log back in using your plate and email address. This will allow you to upload required

          documents and reprint your sanitized registration card.